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The following are recommended guidelines for the care and maintenance of dentures:

Rinse your dentures after every meal.  Careful daily removal of bacteria that are present in the mouth as well as on dentures is of great importance to minimize risk of contracting a Candida infection, commonly known as “thrush”, and to help to contribute to good oral and general health.

To reduce levels of biofilm and potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, patients who wear dentures should do the following:

           a) Dentures should be cleaned daily by soaking and brushing with effective, non-abrasive denture cleanser.
               (Toothpaste is not recommended, regular Soft Soap liquid hand soap works well.)
          b) Denture cleansers should only be used to clean dentures outside of the mouth.  Do NOT use denture cleansers on dentures with a plastic attachments used for implant                 retention.
          c) Dentures should be thoroughly rinsed with water after soaking and brushing before placing back into the mouth.

Dentures should NEVER be placed in boiling water.

Dentures should not be soaked in bleach, or in products containing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) for periods that exceed 10 minutes.  Doing so may damage the dentures.   This includes over the counter denture cleaners.

To prevent warping, dentures should be stored completely immersed in water, when not in the mouth.

It is not recommended that dentures be worn for continuous periods of more than 24 hours per day.

Please remove your dentures at night while you are sleeping.

Patients who wear dentures should be checked annually at our office for maintenance of denture fit and function, evaluation of loss of bone, oral lesions, and for assessment of oral health status.  Dentures should be cleaned annually by our office using ultrasonic cleansers to minimize biofilm accumulation over time. 

 If you get a “sore spot” call our office right away to have your denture evaluated and / or adjusted to prevent further irritation.

 Implant Bar / Implant Abutments (Locator Abutments / Ball Abutments)

Implant Bars, Locator Abutments and Ball Abutments aid in retention and stability of the denture.  Attachments are placed in the denture which connects to the bar and/or the abutments which attach to the implants.

Maintenance – Keeping the appliances clean is of utmost importance; plaque and tartar build up on the bar and/or on and around the implant abutments may result in improper fit of the dentures.  Our office will provide you with an interdental brush that should be used to clean above and below the bar and/or abutments.  You may also use “Super Floss”, regular dental floss, or other interdental brushes to sustain good oral hygiene daily.

Visiting our office for routine dental hygiene appointments, along with homecare will benefit the lifetime of the prosthesis and components. 


If you choose to use a denture adhesive- extended use should not be considered without periodic evaluation of denture quality and health of the supporting tissues by your dentist or Dr. Faulkner.

Improper use of zinc-containing denture adhesives may have adverse systemic effects. Therefore, as a cautionary measure, zinc-containing denture adhesives should be avoided.

Adhesive should only be used in sufficient quantities (3 or 4 pea sized dollops) on each denture to provide added retention and stability to the prosthesis.

If increasing amounts of adhesive are required to achieve the same level of retention, please follow-up with our office to evaluate the fit and stability of the prosthesis.

Adhesive placed in the denture should be completely removed on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, please call our office (513) 489-8070

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