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Dental Implants: Comprehensive and Advanced Treatment Planning

Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

Course Description:

Dental implants have been available for patient treatment for well over 30 years, yet today most dental practices in the United States restore less than 10 implants a year.  There are many reasons for this including patient awareness and acceptance, fear of surgery, multiple office visits, and the lack of confidence of the treating doctor and staff to deliver successful treatment.
At the same time, advances in implant procedures and material have made implants more widely available and patients’ desire for an implant solution is at an all-time height.  Of course, expectations for the function and esthetic result of implant treatment have risen with their popularity.  Patients want and expect implant restorations that truly look and function like natural teeth.
This course is designed to allow the practitioner to investigate all potential treatment options prior to initiating a treatment plan and to achieve an exceptional clinical outcome while exceeding patients’ expectations.  All aspects of establishing a diagnosis and proper treatment plan, as well as, sequencing the treatment wil be presented in order to provide successful implant 
dentistry for our patients.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course each participant will learn:

  • Fundamental of treatment planning with dental implants
  • Patient selection for successful outcomes
  • Understanding patient expectations
  • Laboratory communication necessary for successful treatment
  • Prosthetic options based on patient needs
  • When to utilize computer treatment planning to enhance treatment outcomes
  • Pre-prosthetic considerations prior to initiating treatment
  • Determining proper implant/abutment selection
  • Occlusal considerations for implant prosthetic designs
  • When and when not to immediately load dental implants
  • How to make implant restorations esthetic and when to avoid dental implants
  • Using dental implants for orthodontic anchorage
  • Presenting implant options to patients and having treatment plans accepted
  • Potential insurance coverage for dental implants and how to submit for payment
  • Marketing dental implants in a busy practice

Full Day Program

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